2nd to last show in Flagstaff. My favorite bands. Gonna be siq.
go suns!

the future is bright!


This fan’s hands tell the story of Wesley Matthews’ three-point attempt that bounced high off the rim and eventually dropped late in the Blazers’ 119-117 OT win over the Warriors. (04/13/14)

three ball fingers work. i’m all about the good juju.
goran dragic

srsly eff macho bro dudes who take up space at shows. why does anyone have to feel uncomfortable at a punk show. it makes me so mad people have to deal with this all the time. no one came to see you and your dumb friends get agro on each other. 

and i didn’t come to see one of my favorite bands to get picked on. thanks for spoiling my bliss’d out time.

i’m all for having fun and dancing, but when you come out of your way to get in my face and touch me when i’m specifically away from all your bullshit that’s the worst.

i feel so stupid for snapping and getting physical and stooping down to your level. i think this is the first time my friends ever saw me lose it for a second and i feel embarrassed.

i don’t usually rant, but i just needed to get it out.


Shaquille O’Neal — Orlando Magic

for some reason human behavior booked a show around an open mic night tonight in flag. it sucked for them. it was at one of the dumbest bars and no one cared.

i signed up for the open mic so i could play with them. it’s kind of easy to do weird comedy/performance art at those things because for the most part there’s just a bunch of normies there and it’s super low pressure. it’s sort of just an exercise in doing silly stuff in front of people you don’t know and understanding not a lot of people think doing silly stuff in front of them is funny.

the two best part of my set was coming up with this joke “what did jesus say after he broke the bread, ‘who cut the cheese?’” and singing R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. over and over agin.

I really want to be the Phoenix Suns Gorilla. I think that would be my dream job. I can’t do the acrobatic gymnastic trampoline flip dunks and stuff like that, but there has to be an alternate Gorilla. I think I would rule at running around and giving out high fives and shooting t-shirt cannons. I would even dress up in the suit and do public appearances in the summer in AZ.

stillman took a pic of me and some people that i really enjoy being around and the trunkspace anniversary show last night.
i’m working on a logo for a fake pretzel company.

i just took a walk outside and someone wrote “poop” in the snow and i feel a lot better now.

i’m working on what i thought was going to be a super sweet art book about 90s era NBA with moving parts and it was going to be super big. But I screwed up the file and now my cover is backwards and I got it printed on too light weight of paper and it’s just going to look tacky. 

I frick’n screwed up. Gonna be amateur hour in my crit tomorrow.

And all my teams lost tonight. At least I’m going to be in PHX to see a sweet Trunk Space anniversary show this weekend.

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